Covid-19 update

It is with heavy heart that I announce at this time Shear Ego Salon and Spa and The Men's Club at Shear Ego will be closing until April 6th.

This is both in line with the state recommendations, and what is best for our employees, guests, and community. We are hopeful this only lasts a couple of weeks, and all of our collective actions are able to turn back the tide of this awful virus. We look forward to taking care of you all very soon as we approach what is going to be a wonderful Spring!

If you feel inclined to help us prepare your coming back at our salon, the purchase of an online gift card, that can be used towards service or retail, would certainly be a very welcome and a thoughtful gesture at this time. We have made all Gift Cards 20% off this month so if you buy a $100 one, it's real value will be $120. We created this retail website to help you, customer or not, to get your favorite product without leaving your home or by using our curbside service.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in our salons.


Eugene Cardamone

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