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Amika The Kure-all

$55.00 $72.00

this set is the kure-all for all types of dry, damaged hair. packed with bond cure technology, 3 different plant butters, and vegan proteins, these reparative products are clinically proven to condition, strengthen, and repair hair.

  • the kure bond repair shampoo - a bond repair shampoo that luxuriously lathers and is clinically proven to result in hair that has 87% more repair*, 55% less breakage*, and is 2x stronger* after one use.
  • the kure intense bond repair mask - packed with bond cure technology, mango + shea butter, borage oil + sea buckthorn, this ultra-rich mask is clinically proven after one use to result in hair that is 3.2x stronger, 8x more conditioned, with 69% less breakage.
  • the kure multi-task repair treatment - a reparative treatment for 2.4x stronger** hair with 74% more repair**, and 58% less breakage**.

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